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How Add Songs to a Play Queue in Banshee

Author: Noah

This is a tutorial for customers who want to add music to their play queue on Banshee. Banshee is a free music program on the Linux operating system. If you do not have Banshee, it can be downloaded for free using the “Synaptic Package Manager.” Adding programs using the Synaptic Package Manager is covered in another tutorial.



Now the first step is to click on your “Applications” menu, which is usually in the top left corner of the screen. After you click on the menu, a sub-menu called “Sound and Video” should appear. Move the mouse pointer to the sub menu and click on “Banshee Media Player.”



Banshee should now be running. Banshee looks like this.



The left side of the Banshee screen shows a list of music and video sources. Click on the “Music” entry in the list to open the music library. Just to the right of that a list of the music in your local music library stored on your hard drive should appear. Opening the music folder should show the music that is in your computer arranged by album on the top, and individual songs at the bottom. This music is going to go to your play queue.


Now for the main reason for having play queues, the music. If you want to add songs to a play queue one at a time, you click and hold the left mouse button on the song and drag it to the queue and release the mouse button to drop the song into it. Your song is not removed from your normal music library, it is simply added to the list. If you want to add an entire album into the play queue, you simply left click your desired album and drag it over to the queue. Remember the albums are on top and the individual songs are on bottom.


You can close Banshee and the music will play in the background. Make sure that if you want the music to stop you must re-open Banshee and hit the “Clear” button at the top left corner of the Banshee window. If not the music will continue to play in the background and your play queue will remain the same.

 clear button.png

This tutorial has shown you how to add songs to your play queue using the Banshee music player. To play songs from your queue you select it from the library.


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