Computer Reboot: Desktop Repairs

Linux Repairs

Linux Linux desktop installs start at just $35. We will be able to backup your data and install the Linux distribution of your choice. We recommend either Linux Mint or Ubuntu. Want to upgrade to a newer version of your linux distribution? Let us do it for you! Linux upgrades are just $15.

Windows Repairs:

Windows icon Windows desktop repairs, or the "Windows Special", start at $50. This involves everything, including removing viruses, spyware, malware, and other unwanted programs. If necessary, we will back up your data and reinstall windows, starting with a fresh install. To reinstall, your computer needs to have a license for Windows with a readable product key.

Dual Boot:

LinuxLinux Want to make an easy transition from Windows to Linux? We can dual boot your machine so you can have both operating systems at the same time. When you turn your machine on, you will be shown a menu of possible operating systems to boot in to. This option is popular if you are a uneasy with moving over to a new operating system, or if you have programs that only run in Windows. Dual booting for a desktop costs $50.